Follow these things to Lose weight with calcium

Lose weight with calcium

You should know that calcium is good for your bones. In fact, it can also help you to lose weight. Let us discover the secrets of it!

Most people, especially women are too concerned about their weights and hence they embark upon any diet in order to cause a reduction in weight. Although most fad diets hold the promise of a quick weight loss, they do not ensure proper intake of all essential nutrients, including calcium. As a result, women can diet their way to osteoporosis without even knowing the harm they are doing to their bodies.

What works for maintaining a healthy weight is a combination of a balanced diet and regular exercise. Calcium is useful not only to keep your bones healthy, but it also helps to reduce overall body fat.

How does calcium help to lose weight?

Calcium helps to burn fat. A diet that is high in calcium helps to burn fat instead of storing it. Calcium helps to make weight loss more efficient. Actually, studies show that people with a high intake of calcium had a low weight compared to those that had a low intake of calcium.

Not only does calcium help to maintain your existing weight, it also helps to actually reduce your body fat. A low intake of calcium is seen to be linked to a tendency to put on weight, especially in women.

A higher intake of calcium can, in fact, obstruct the body from producing fat in preschool children and adults.

What about dairy products being fattening?

While popular belief says so, there is proof that the opposite is truer. When dairy foods rich in calcium were consumed, they helped in reduction as well as prevention of obesity. As many as 20 different studies indicate that dairy products, in fact, help towards weight loss.

By consuming low-fat milk products that are rich in calcium, it helps to adjust your body’s metabolism so that you can keep your weight in control. Several other studies support the claims of dairy calcium being better at causing body fat reduction compared to its other forms.

Why is dairy calcium so effective?

Studies indicate that besides calcium, other nutrients that are present in milk help calcium to work more efficiently at causing fat reduction.

Some chemicals such as the glycomacropeptides that are found in the whey proteins obtained from milk are useful. They help you feel satisfied and full and thus help to reduce the food intake.

You can even go for foods that are rich in calcium such as cheese, ice cream, milk, baked beans as well as other dried beans and legumes, broccoli, dried figs, most of the dark-green leaves, soft fish bones such as those you find in canned salmon.

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