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Weight Loss And The Pritikin Diet!

Weight Loss And The Pritikin Diet!


There is a diet plan called Pritikin Diet. You can lose weight with it. Discvoer all the tips when taking this diet so that you can have weight loss successfully.


Many diet advocates base their diets solely on the consumption of fruit. These diets mostly pay attention to the maintenance aspect of a diet rather than any quick weight-loss program.

Pritkin diet

The Pritikin Diet is famous and was established many years ago by Nathan

Pritikin. It cuts salt and caffeine, pares sugars and other simple carbohydrates

to 100 grams per day, cuts meat consumption to one quarter of a pound per

day and advocates the consumption of carbohydrates. It also insists that the

daily consumption of oils and fats be kept at a maximum of 10% of daily calories,

and preferably 5%.


When people go on the Pritikin Diet, initially, it was found that there are some therapeutic benefits, such as the reduction in blood cholesterol, and almost 50% of Type-2 diabetes patients stop needing injected insulin, hypertension also reduces within a couple of weeks and weight is normalized. As a short-term therapeutic diet, it has been found to be successful.

Nevertheless, long-term adherence to Pritikin Diet has not proven to be as beneficial, in fact, it was found to have a large negative side. The diet is extraordinarily restrictive and requires a lot of time in preparation. It also makes the dieter over-dependant on grains and also encourages problems with gluten intolerance. Gluten is a protein that is found in many grains. For most people, the side effects of consuming too much gluten is said to cause bloating and intestinal gas, mental instability, fatigue and diarrhea. This happens because of the insoluble fiber in these grains, which is too much to handle for most people. The total fiber content has been actually said to drain minerals from the body. Yeast related problems have also been noticed in many people on Pritikin Diet.

People on this diet tend to consume too much fruit and fruit juice concentrates for sweetening, and this elevates the triglyceride levels.

Pritikin Diet has been proven to be deficient in the fats needed to carry fat-soluble vitamins that help in nourishing the brain and nerves as well as feed the immune system. The consumption of less than 5% of daily calories in the form of fat is not considered to be good for the body, just as excess consumption of fats can be harmful.

The moral of the whole thing is that everything should be done in moderate and going overboard by consuming only one type of food is going to be harmful to health, as seen time and again.

Every diet program should be started under the supervision of a physician, keeping in mind any health related problems you may have.


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