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20 Food You Need To Have In Your Pantry

20 Food You Need To Have In Your Pantry


As you know, you will need to eat healthily. Make sure you have these 20 foods in your pantry so that you can always eat healthily.


You need to have a pantry which is well stocked. In fact, a lot of single men do not have that. You may think that it is not a problem. However, the truth is just opposite. You will tend to eat junk food and unhealthy snacks. This will not be good for your health. And this may also lead to weight gain. As a result, it is even more important for you to have a well-stocked pantry if you are currently trying to losing weight. In this article, we will list 20 items that you will need to keep in your pantry.

Food You should have in your pantry

1. Water: You may just think that it is just common sense. However, the point here is that you should have some cold water in the fridge so that you can drink it whenever you need.

2. Milk: It is very important to know that what you need to keep in your pantry is low-fat milk. This is because it will be healthier for you.

3. Fresh Fruits: You might want to have some snacks from time to time. Instead of eating unhealthy snacks, you should eat fresh fruits as your snacks.

4. Carrots: Again, they are mainly for your snacks. Eating carrots will be a lot healthier than eating chips or fries.

5. Peanut butter: The advantage of it is that you can have protein yet it is low fat. It will be perfect for your toast in the morning.

6. Eggs: If it is possible, do not eat fried eggs. They are mainly for baking. They are also good for your breakfast.

7. Yogurt: This is a perfect substitute for ice-cream. You will love it in summer. Of course, you can also use it to cook. You will need it if you are cooking some Indian food.

8. Butter: It is mainly for baked food. Though it is not really suggested if you are currently trying to lose weight, you can also use it for fried eggs.

9. Lemons: You will need them when you are having seafood. Cold lemon juice is also perfect on a hot summer day.

10. Mayo: You can use it when you are having tuna salad. Yet you should not have it every day. You should also buy low-fat mayo.

11. Mustard: This is perfect for sandwiches and hot dog of course.

12. Cheese: No one will think that they do not need cheese in their pantry. However, make sure that you are not eating too much of it.

13. Drinks: This is what you need besides water. Of course, soft drinks are not suggested. You should have some cold juice on the fridge. There is no harm to have a few cans of beer either.

14. Fresh ginger: Be sure to keep it in the fridge.

15. Bread: You will need carbs for your body to function well. This is why you need to have bread in your pantry. You will use it to make sandwiches. Remember not to add fried items to the sandwiches.

16. Canned veggies and fruits: Though fresh vegetables and fresh fruits are preferred. It is better than nothing when you do not have the time to buy the fresh things. And you can keep them for a long time in the pantry.

17. Pasta: You can have a healthy meal easily with it. It only takes you 15 minutes to cook.

18. Rice: Another item you will need for a quick meal. This is just the same as pasta.

19. Spices and herbs: You will certainly need them when you are cooking. Go and get some fresh spices and herbs if it is possible.

20. Cereal: It is something excellent when you need a really quick breakfast. This will be a better alternative to fast food.

The above foods will certainly help you to keep yourself healthy. However, it is not enough if you want to lose weight. You will need to have an exercising plan. You will also need some weight loss supplements to aid you.


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