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How to Understand BMI Calculation and Use Body Mass Index Calculator?

How to Understand BMI Calculation and Use Body Mass Index Calculator?

calculate BMI and know what bmi actually isBMI Calculation is one of the ways to reveal if a person is overweight. It is important to understand that this index can be applied to people with different frame sizes. You should also use our Body Mass Index Calculator.


BMI and Bone Frame Sizes


Many people assumed that because they were large, they had a bone frame size classification that justified weighing more. The chart allowed people with big bones to be heavier than people with small bones.

Today, some people believe that body mass index (BMI) does not apply to them because their extra weight is from their big bones or muscle, not from fat. The truth is that while people do have different frame sizes and it is possible to be overweight on the BMI chart because of extra muscle, most people who weigh too much for their height do so because of excess body fat. That said, a few studies have been done on the relationship between bone frame size and BMI Calculation.

Calculate Bmi

What the studies found is that medium and large bone frames are closely related to their percent body fat and BMI as the bone frame gets bigger, the percent of body fat and BMI both go up. Small bone frames, however, do not have less body fat.


BMI As an Indicator of Being Overweight


The above finding helps explain why Asian-Americans, who tend to have smaller bone frames, have a higher disease risk at a lower BMI than people from other ethnic backgrounds. They may have a higher percentage of body fat even though their BMI may be in the normal range. However, it is essential to understand that in most cases BMI is an accurate indicator to see if you are overweight. As a result, it is important to improve your BMI if it indicates that you are overweight!

Body Mass Index Calculator

You can use the following calculator to get your current BMI Calculation:

Pounds Feet Inches

Height(cm) Weight(kg)


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