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Research findings on Fish Oil and Weight Loss

Research findings on Fish Oil and Weight Loss

You may have heard that you can lose weight with fish oil. In fact, there are a lot of studies which support this concept.


It may come as a surprise to you, but fish oil has many benefits and helps weight loss. It has been proved during recent studies that fish oil that has DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) will help a body burn more fat, reduce obesity, and ensure that the person does not go into a depression during a diet.

There are other benefits to fish oil, besides its helping with weight loss. It protects against heart disease and strokes. It improves the development of the brain and its function. It reduces the risk of the person getting certain types of cancers. It has been proved to be a super nutrient that has lot of health benefits.
A recent study revealed that you can lose weight using fish oil. Let us take a look at this study so that you can understand how fish oil can help you!


Omega-3 fish oil consumption has suddenly become quite the rage, all over the world. To give it credit, recent research has shown that diets containing fish oil supplements coupled with regular moderate exercise have led to weight loss.

Details of the research


The University of South Australia conducted a significant study to find out the effects of a fish oil supplement and exercise on obese subjects. 75 people having problems of obesity and weight were taken up for the study. Most of them also had hypertension, suffered from high cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases.

Research findings on Weight loss and Fish Oil

The group was split into two and half of them were given fish oil which has Omega-3 and the other half were given sunflower oil which has no Omega-3. Each group was again split and half were advised to take no exercise while the other was asked to run for 45 minutes at 75% heart rate, three times a week.

So they now had four groups.

Group 1: Fish oil, no exercise.

Group 2: Fish oil, exercise by 45 minute runs.

Group 3: Sunflower oil, no exercise.

Group 4: Sunflower oil, exercise by 45 minute runs .

All groups were asked to stick to their regular diets.

Three weeks later the groups were asked to come in for checkups. Groups 1, 3 and 4 showed almost no change. But Group 2 which had the fish oil and the exercise prescribed showed a weight loss of about 2 kilos and a noticeable decrease in body fat.

Considering that no changes were made to the regular diet, these results are significant. The exercise levels suggested were moderate and within the capacity of each participant. So clearly if you adopt a diet by also counting the calories and adjusting them downwards suitably, and go in for a more strenuous exercise regime, with the use of fish oil supplements, the weight loss can be significant.

Additional research has suggested that Omega-3 improves the flow of blood during exercise and help the muscles. It also stimulates the endocrine glands to produce enzymes that use up and distribute fat to where it can be used by the body. The enzymes further increase the metabolism and help to reduce weight by helping the body to use up calories even when it is at rest Omega-3 fish oil is available quite easily nowadays, and is even added to certain foods and drinks. It helps boost brain and memory functions, good-eye development and maintaining the eye function, and reduces the risks of strokes and the onset of the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease has further boosted its popularity.

The University is planning further studies with Omega-3 and its effects over a longer period and more intensive exercise. The results will be awaited eagerly by people and nutritionists alike. Omega-3 is best consumed in the natural form, but if fish oil supplements are used instead, and coupled with an exercise program, weight loss is a possibility, even while continuing your normal diet.

Weight Loss Research

The University of Georgia in its research established that fish oil with DHA stops converting pre-fat cells into full fledged fat cells and causes them to die and be absorbed into the body’s waste system. So less fat is accumulated and thus any weight loss diet is helped. So if you want to lose weight just dose yourself with the fish oil and see the fat cells are killed off before they can latch on to your waist. This is not the only thing that fish oil is good for.

Researchers in the distant land of Australia, at the University if South Australia proved during studies that fish oil with moderate exercise routines caused weight loss far more extensively than if fish oil was not helped by an exercise discipline. The fish oil group also had their heart health markers show improvement. There was a 10% reduction in bad cholesterol (LDL) and a still more remarkable 14% decrease in triglycerides, thus reducing the propensity to weight gain in the subjects.

Research carried out in Japan on laboratory mice indicated that mice fed fish oil with Omega-3 reduced their weight and showed a marked increase in their metabolic rate. This helps the weight loss to become permanent. The difference between the mice fed fish oil and those deprived of this supplement was a loss of weight and increased metabolism and reduction of fat in mice that were fed the fish oil. The diets of both groups were otherwise the same. Scientists in Japan believe that same can hold good for humans too.

Fish Oil reduces Weight Loss Depression

Nutritional experts believe that certain hormones are necessary to keep us with the feeling that we are OK. So certain fats need to be part of our diet, and these essential fatty acids (EPAs) help to keep the metabolism up to the mark and doing its share of using up calories.

It has also been established by these scientists that many people abandon their diets and weight loss programs because of depression, and that such depression is caused by the shortage of Omega-3 DHA. So fish oil comes into the picture once again.

The University of Sheffield researchers established that fish oil supplements alleviated anxiety and depression. Just three treatments made significant change to the depression of the persons so treated and therefore if you go on a diet and also have fish oil supplements you would not abandon your diet when you feel anxious or depressed with what you think is lack of progress.


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