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Why You Should Go For Breast Implants without Enlargement

When most people hear about breast augmentation, they automatically think of a procedure where
the breasts are enlarged. Though it’s true that this is what happens in many of these procedures, it
isn’t always the rule.

An enhancement procedure for the breasts is often done to reshape or lift the breasts, or in some
cases to repair the damage that has been done by injury or surgery. Though it involves inserting
implants, it doesn’t necessarily mean that after the procedure they will be larger; it all depends on
the outcome that is desired.

Why would you want breasts augmentation if you don’t want larger breasts? Sometimes, because of
such things as the normal effects of aging or when there’s been a significant amount of weight loss,
the breasts can lose their shape and become droopy and deflated-looking. This can actually happen
even more acutely to women with larger and heavier breasts because of the natural law of gravity.
If this has happened to you, you might not want larger breasts, you just want them to look the way
they did when you were younger, or the way they did before weight-loss depleted a lot of fat there.
Decide what shape you want now, and discuss it with your doctor.

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Many times, when breast augmentation is done to simply improve your shape, only small implants
are needed. Many times an incision is made right below the nipple, and the implant is inserted at the
bottom of the bosom to give it more lift and make it look more filled out.

Sometimes the nipples are removed and then repositioned to keep them looking natural. In some
cases the implant is inserted above the nipple, and in extreme cases, implants may be inserted both
above and below, though this is rare. Skin and muscles are often tightened during the procedure.

Benefits of Breast Implant

After Your Procedure:

Whether your breast augmentation is done simply for reshaping or for enlargement, the guidelines
for what to do while recovering are pretty much the same. There will be discomfort and swelling for
at least a few days afterward, so you want to take the medication that the doctor prescribes for both
of these things. Lifting will be restricted for a few days as well. It’s important to get plenty of sleep,
and to keep all follow-up appointments.

Breast augmentation can be a great way to help you feel better about the way you look, especially
when exercise isn’t helping to firm your breasts. Choose a reputable cosmetic surgeon, follow all
instructions for before and after your procedure, and it should be a positive experience for you.
With breast augmentation, Manhattan experts enhance the shape, size and contour of your breast.
This helps you improve the balance of your figure and enhance your self-image and self-confidence.


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