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Tips to exercise at home to lose 10 pounds and tone up

Going to the gym or exercising at a community center are not the only ways to lose weight through exercise. You can lose weight by exercising and working at home. When you lose weight, you are helping your body to be healthy, since overweight increases the risk of a variety of health problems, hypertension, cardiovascular problems.


To lose 10 pounds, you need to burn about 35,000 total calories. Even though your body burns calories throughout the day, exclusive exercise consumes additional calories. In addition to burning calories, exercise strengthens the heart and toning of the body. If you weigh 160 pounds, one hour of low-impact aerobics, walk at 3.5 miles per hour or with a rowing machine you burn 365, 277 and 511 calories, respectively, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Exercise Tips to lose weight


When you exercise at home, you can set your own schedule and work without feeling embarrassed in front of other people.

An analysis of several clinical trials published in the Cochrane Library and directed by Nigel Ashworth in 2005 found that, in general, participants who exercised at home were more likely to continue with their training program for participants who exercised in a fitness center.

Cardiovascular exercise tips:

Cardiovascular exercise increases the heart rate and burns calories. At home, it can be as simple as using a walking program or anaerobic training DVD, going up and down stairs for two 15-minute sessions per day or jumping rope. Jog in place on a mini-trampoline, or use a treadmill, walk or jog.

Whichever exercise you choose, challenge yourself through hard work during each session. Add to the training of walking intervals, raise your legs higher after a DVD of aerobic exercises or increase the time of exercise. The more effort you make and the longer the exercise, the more calories you burn.

Tips for strength training:

Half an hour of strength training burns around 110 calories if you weigh 160 pounds. Add three strength-training sessions to your weekly routine at home to burn calories and tone muscles. You need a set of weights and an exercise ball to make it an effective workout at home.

Use the ball to correctly perform wall squats, sit-ups, and leg lifts. Do bicep curls, overhead presses, vertical rows and triceps extensions with the ballast. Use your body weight to do pelvic lifts, plates, and push-ups.

Although it is possible to lose 10 pounds by exercising without having to adjust your caloric intake, you will lose weight faster if you reduce calories at the same time. A reduction of 500 calories while burning an additional 500 calories a day with exercise at home may make it possible to lose 2 pounds per week, since a reduction of 3,500 calories is equivalent to about 1 pound of weight loss, according to Family Doctor.

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