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Why should you consult Orthopedic Surgeon?

Do you know who Orthopedic Surgeons are? How often do you visit an orthopedic surgeon?

Answers to these questions seem pretty difficult as our daily busy life has hindered our ways towards a good health.
Believe me! Health is everything. Adding a little more to this line, Healthy bones are everything.

People who are suffering from issues related to bones knows it very well that what type of pain they have undergone or are still in pain. That’s why in our previous article on exercising, We discussed the importance of Nutrition while exercising. Because in most of the cases, Where people have been exercising but not taking proper nutrition are facing orthopedic Problems.

Who are Orthopedic Surgeons?

Orthopedic Surgeons are specialized doctors who deal with different types of musculoskeletal conditions. They not only treat the discomfort of their patient but also help them to be safe in future.

As clear from its name, the musculoskeletal system comprises muscles plus the skeletal system of a body that includes bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

Orthopedic surgeons are aware of all issues related to this system but they are specialized in different fields depending upon the nature of their interest. These areas include upper body i.e. hands, shoulder, elbow, spine and a lower body comprising hip bones, knees, ankles etc.

Why you should consult Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic surgeons may also specialize in different areas like pediatrics, oncology, sports injuries etc.

From the word, the surgeon does not mean that they only operate. It all depends upon the nature of the problem occurring to a specific person. They go less for surgeries only when badly needed and try to cure the problem through medication or therapy.

Musculoskeletal Conditions Awareness:

It has been observed that people around the world do not bother about the little pain that occurs somewhere in the body and starts self-medication. Self-medication seems effective for a short time, however, can give adverse effects in long run.

Musculoskeletal disorders and diseases are spreading not only in aged people but also adults and children around the globe. Sitting in an improper way or for a long time can also give rise to these problems. A little damage to muscles can, later on, develop into serious injury which eventually becomes incurable.

Ask a question to yourself. Am I feeling pain in Muscles? Or Am I suffering from pain for a long time?

Eventually, you will realize that the answer to these questions, unfortunately, is, “YES”. Therefore, before prevailing towards severe conditions you must consider to consult an Orthopedic surgeon or physician.

According to the recent study by Global Burden of Disease (GDB), it has been highlighted that musculoskeletal problems are not just arising in old people but also in children. Unfortunately, it has been observed more in the people who are at the peak of their earning days.

By 2016, the musculoskeletal condition has contributed to global disability and most importantly lower back pain. Approximately 20% to 30% people around the globe have been a victim of musculoskeletal disorders and half of the population of adults is suffering from these disorders or diseases which must be cured or treated before time.

Discussed above are the problems that occur commonly. Adding to it there are more cases that instantly need an orthopedic surgeon consultancy. Sports injuries, accidents or childhood problems also need this consultancy.

Common musculoskeletal conditions if prevail can have adverse effects on the following:

The Spine: Can cause severe neck pain, the back pain eventually leading to sleeping disorders and arising other health problems.

Muscles: Can affect muscles causing sarcopenia which is a loss of skeletal muscle mass.

Joints: Affecting joints, it can cause osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout, psoriatic arthritis etc.

Bones: It can also affect bones causing osteoporosis, osteopenia, fragility fractures, traumatic fractures etc.

When should you consult Orthopedic Surgeon?

Our daily routine can arise thousands of bones and muscles related to problems whether we are aware of it or not. Approximately 90% of people around the world are users of mobile phones and several technological devices.
Have you ever felt pain in hands while using a mobile phone, keyboard or mouse? Think about it…

The light pain that arises due to the use of technology can turn that pain into stronger or permanent pain. These bad tech habits must be avoided. If you feel severe pain then do not wait, just get up and consult an orthopedic physician or surgeon as soon as possible.

It is highly recommended to consult an Orthopedic surgeon when you feel:

  • Difficulty in walking or climbing stairs or in using any specific body part.
  • Pain in muscles or joints more than three or four days.
  • Selling around joints.
  • Pain in muscles after an injury or accident.
  • Heat or inflammation in any body part.
  • Severe back or neck pain.

The mentioned symptoms seem easy to cope with, but if not cured timely, can cause severe musculoskeletal problems affecting other body parts and organs too. Treatment of a little pain in time can prevent you from serious situations afterward.

Before visiting an orthopedic surgeon, the patient must remember their own history. The doctors start the questioning with patient’s interview and his daily routine. For example, they’ll ask for WHAT, HOW and WHEN related to the incident happened. These types of questions surely help doctors to diagnose the exact situation of a patient, thus treating him/her in a better and effective way.

After knowing all your history doctors usually go for physical examination including the blood tests or X-Rays or other related tests if needed. Doctors always discuss the process of treatment with the patient so that they mutually agree upon the way of treatment which best suits the patient.

For a doctor, a will of a patient for the treatment procedure is highly necessary for any disease to be cured. Therefore, being a patient, you must make up your mind for a proper checkup and treatment if you really want to enjoy a healthy life.

Well known Orthopedic surgeons:

Pakistan is filled with highly talented experienced Orthopedic Surgeons. In the list of best Orthopedic Surgeons well known doctors are Prof. M.A. Wajid, Dr, Yawar Anees, Dr. Rubina Yawar and Dr. Shahbaz. You can either visit their clinic or can reach them online.


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