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How a Food Journal Can Help You to Lose Weight

How a Food Journal Can Help You to Lose Weight

A Food Journal is always important when you are losing weight. It is an essential part of your dieting plan. In this article, we will discuss how this journal can help you to lose pounds successfully!

A food journal is nothing but a list of foods that you have taken. It can also be used to plan your meals ahead. Either way, keeping a food journal can help you so much in losing weight. Monitoring what goes into your body is a good way to estimate the calories that you need and probably don・t need, the full week ahead.

Food Journal and Weight Loss

Experts say that keeping a food journal actually encourages dieters to keep to their plan. As you update the list everyday, you・re seeing how many calories you have already consumed. If you have had too much, you can easily make the necessary adjustments the following day. Dieters now become very conscious of their calorie intake that they can actually prevent overeating.

With a food journal, you suddenly become aware of what you・re taking in. For those who are overly engrossed to updating their food diaries, they would list the food they are currently munching even before they even finish it. If you do this, then you will see right away if you are over the quota. You can then conveniently skip a snack or two in order to make room for dinner. And when dinner comes around, you will know exactly how much food you are supposed to eat so as not to go beyond your set calorie intake.

When you get serious about it, you will soon see that you don・t need fancy exercise machines or gym equipments to lose weight and keep the pounds off permanently. The mere act of looking up the calorie value of a can of soda and listing it off would make you realize how much calorie you are taking unnecessarily – and that when you eliminate it from your diet, you are actually giving your body a big break in terms of calorie intake.

Weight loss occurs when the calorie that the body burns is greater than what it takes in. This means that if you eat less, you are less likely to get fat. Eventually, your daily routines would burn off those extra pounds away. You don・t even have to exercise now to shed inches off your belly!

With a food journal, you can easily see your progress. Nothing motivates a person more than watching her weight reduced significantly by the week. If you keep it up, you will surely reach your desired body weight in no time. A food journal doesn・t only help you understand your diet more, it also keeps you going.

In some cases, nutritionists and doctors asks their patients to keep a food journal and show it to them regularly. This method is even better because you will then be guided by an expert as far as your weight loss plan is concerned. With them checking out on the foods that you eat, they can veer you to the right direction so that your body will be able to get all the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy while you continually lose those ugly bumps and bulges away.

Besides the food journal, it is also important to have a concrete dieting plan so that you can control your calorie intake and lose weight successfully.

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