What is South Beach Diet?

What is South Beach Diet?

Do you know what South Beach Diet is? If Not, be sure to read the information below and discover more.

South Beach diet involves balancing your diet with the right type of fats and carbohydrates. The first phase of this dieting plan involves consuming lean cuts of meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, and low-fat or fat-free cheese. The second phase includes is a diet plan that includes eating fruits, breads and pastas and brown rice. The dieting plan aims to avoid food like grains, sweets, potatoes, and fruit juices that are high in carbohydrates.

The 3 Phases of South Beach Diet

The dieting plan has three phases. Phase 1 lasts for a duration of 2 weeks. In the first phase, it involves eating chicken, beef, turkey, fish, shellfish, vegetables, eggs, cheese, nuts, and garden salads with 100% olive oil as a salad dressing. You will eat well balanced diet everyday during this 14 day period. Thus, you will have no more desire for other junk foods that are bad for health.

South Beach diet phase 2 lasts as long as you take until you reach your ultimate weight loss goal. By this time, you should have lost 8 to 13 pounds and that your outlook on eating will be changed. You will have no more cravings for unhealthy food. Your body had been correcting its reaction to food that makes your overweight during the past two weeks.

This happens not because you are eating less food but less food to store excessive fat. South Beach diet phase 3 is when you have achieves your weight loss. You will stay in phase three for your rest of your entire life. At this phase, you will be eating differently. You can change the foods that you are eating and the amounts of food taken.

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