The Cabbage Soup Diet and Weight Loss

Cabbage Soup Diet and Weight Loss.

You can lose weight easily with the Cabbage Soup Diet. You can discover all the steps you should take when having weight loss with this dieting plan.

The world is always looking for pills, diet plans and medicines to reduce weight and a cabbage diet is just one of these. It has been in use for a long time and taking cabbage soup has always been one of the useful ways of reducing weight. As we said, it has been in use for centuries and continues to have its adherents in today’s world as well.

The concepts for using cabbage soup in those days are still the same as today. However, it has modified a bit and you can now buy cabbage soup dieting pills and just swallow them. In spite of the advanced method of having your cabbage diet, the basic idea remains the same.

A cabbage soup diet is an effective way of reducing weight and doctors recommend it for its effectiveness, though it is also a bit restrictive. Your doctor may advise this diet if you have already undergone a heart surgery or if you tell him that you want to lose weight without wasting time on exercise and dieting.

Just what is it that has made cabbage soup fit for dieting and how does it work? The entire concept is simple. Soup is watery and contains a lot of liquid. The cabbage provides the necessary nutrition in the form of vegetable and taking the cabbage soup fills up your stomach, in that way you will not able to eat anything else after having your cabbage soup diet. It helps to remove the fat from the system and has an immediate effect on your weight, reducing it from the body.

How to go about this Diet

It takes five days to set up the routine that is required by a cabbage soup diet. After that, you will notice some reduction in your weight.

On Day one take the cabbage soup in unlimited quantity and satisfy your urge for eating by partaking of vegetables of any variety that you can get. However, you need to cut out the starchy ones like corn or peas.

Day two may sound more interesting to some of you. Repeat the soup quantities and substitute vegetables with the fruits that you like, avoiding mangoes and bananas.

Make sure that on the third day you still continue with what you had on the second day, but include some vegetables of your choice.

On the fourth day, let the banana lovers have their fill with skimmed milk, but do not confuse yourself the fourth day with the second day.

The fifth day is the one you are waiting for. In addition to the soup, fruits, and vegetables you can treat yourself grilled meat and rice.

While you are on a cabbage soup diet make sure that tea, coffee or even pop plays no part in your daily intake. And yes, this diet plan with cabbage soup requires you to have a little bit of exercise. Not hours on the treadmill in the gym, but some definite time to exercise your body. Maybe a 20-minute brisk walk or jog around your lawn could do the trick.

How to keep it Going

Cabbage soup diets are not recommended to adhere for a long period of time. A week or two should get you the desired results. If you do persist on this diet for a longer period of time, you may lose a lot of nutrients from your body causing you to have other health problems.

Doctors suggest that you discontinue your cabbage soup diet after a week or two, but be sure that soups are already a part of your daily diet, as soups can give your stomach the fullness while eating less and therefore help you to control your weight.

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