Tweaking Recipes of Your Favorite Meals

Tweaking Recipes of Your Favorite Meals

We are what we eat. We need to be careful of what we eat when we want to lose weight. In fact, you can include the foods you love and still have a healthy weight loss diet.

Many of us today seem much concerned about our weights today but do little to overcome the problem. Some plan for workouts, some regularly add exercise to their daily schedules while other just try to cut their food intake to improve their weight. Some succeed, but many of the lazy ones just get back to their old habits right away.

For those people the U.S. Food and Drug Administration suggests that keeping away from your favorite meals is not really necessary when you can just change a few ingredients and be on your way to your same great taste and favorite, mouth-watering meals. Additionally, cutting your food intake is not a healthy option, as in this way most people do not get the sufficient minerals and vitamins required by our body on a daily basis and conversely affects your metabolism.

Most of your mouth watering recipes are filled with cups of creams and butter. They seem delicious, but why affect your heart and your diet in a way that is not desirable for your body. Therefore you may adapt your recipes, for example, while making casseroles you could simply use skimmed milk and wheat flour instead of the normal full creams and flour.

Tips for Tweaking Your Recipes

Following are various ways in which you could simply modify your recipes and still not worry about gaining any extra weight

  • You can use egg whites or egg substitutes, which are the egg without the yolk. Baked items may only be less tender, in this way.
  • Reduce oil consumption; reducing oil in foods and substituting partly with applesauce or mashed banana. This would be healthier and easily broken up by your body acids, rather than the oil which usually turns into fat deposits. This may only make the food a little chewy.
  • Replace low-fat yogurt with sour cream. Taste is the same however 350 fewer calories, 44 gms less of total fat, and nearly 28 gms less saturated fat is a gain.
  • Use skimmed milk instead of whole milk wherever you can. But for baking light cream may be better for taste and quality.
  • Use cottage cheese instead of the regular ones when no cooking meals. But for cooked one parmesan cheese may be better.
  • Sweet dishes could be baked with nonfat sour cream instead of regular ones. Take care of the sweetness, the sour creams turns sweet in this way.
  • Olive oil and Soya bean oils are the better deals when cooking. And mind yourself away from coconut oils and other fatty oils not to mention butter.
  • Bake or toast nuts before eating as it reduces calories by a lot.

Following these set of rules, you can not only enjoy your meal with the same great taste and delight but you may not require any other methods for keeping a control on your weight. No extra exercise and no heavy workouts. Tweaking your recipes will not improve your weight loss but also keep you with a healthy heart.

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