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How to attend Special Events While on a Diet

Attending Special Events While on a Diet

You may need to attend to your friend’s wedding very soon. Yet, you are still on a diet. Discover how you can still have your dieting plan while you can attend these special events.

A dieter is often filled with a combination of dread and fear at the idea of attending a special event. Special events are sheer minefields when it comes to sticking to your diet. Tons of goodies await you, and often there is little way to actually stick to a healthy food plan at this type of affair. Even if you wanted to eat healthy at a special event, sometimes the host or hostess make it virtually impossible!

Every dieter needs to take a proactive attitude when it comes to special events. We cannot control everything that happens in our lives, but we can control what we put in our mouths. While you can’t tell a host or hostess what to serve, you can certainly find out ahead what they will be serving and make alternative arrangements if you need to.

Attending the events and your diet

It is important when asking the host or hostess what they are serving that you mention you are asking because you are sticking to a weight loss plan. Be friendly, polite and just a little apologetic. If the menu turns out to be one that will be hard to stick to your diet, you have several options. In some cases, you can ask if your host or hostess would order a special meal for you. This would be if it is a catered affair. It shows good manners if you offer to pay for your special meal, as there are times they are charged extra for this. Typically, your host or hostess won’t take you up on this fee — but your good manners show that you know you are asking for something out of the ordinary.

If the event is being held at the host or hostesses’ home, simply explain that it is important that you stick to your diet and that you will be bringing something to eat. Some diets require you to eat pre-prepared food so you can eat one of those meals. If the event is a potluck style event, offer to bring both a main dish and a salad — this way you are ensured that there will be at least two things that you can eat.

Before you go to the event, drink a glass or two of water. Eat something small to help fill your stomach, such as a cup of yogurt and a piece of fruit. This way if the event has a lot of h’ors oeuvres you will not be as tempted to indulge in them. With a fuller stomach, you’ll have less reason to reach out for them.

As you attend the event, take extra time socializing with people. The point of every event is to celebrate something. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, bridal showers and other events — are all to celebrate something. So spend time with your loved ones and enjoy their company. Really listen to people and get involved in conversations. Sometimes you can get so involved in conversations you won’t even realize that you didn’t eat very much!

Special events should be enjoyed. A diet is a temporary circumstance. Plan ahead so that you are comfortable at this event and not feel so tempted in this situation. Enjoy yourself!

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