Diet and Weight Loss Tips for Vegetarians

Weight Loss Tips for Vegetarians

There are people who think that they can be always slim if they are vegetarians. This is not really true. You will still have to lose weight if you are overweight. Let us discuss more about this issue here.

It is not that only non-vegetarians are overweight due to their high calorie meat diets. It is true that vegetarian diets are lower in fats and calories than the meat-diets, but the problem of obesity is seen among vegetarians as well. The reason for this is that some convenience vegetarian diets are high in calories and fats, resulting in vegetarians too being overweight. Here we discuss some weight loss tips for vegetarians.

Weight Loss Tips For Vegetarians

  1. Balanced diet is necessary: it does not matter whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan or a non-vegetarian; the importance of a balanced diet has equal relevance in all the cases. Therefore, despite being a vegetarian, one must consume a balanced vegetarian diet.
  2. Go strict on the cheese: being a vegetarian does not mean that you can binge on cheese and other dairy products loaded with calories. In fact, such products can be higher in calories and fat, as compared to certain meat-based dishes.
  3. Go strict on sugar: just as too much cheese is the culprit of inducing weight in the case of vegetarians, so is sugar. Having high-sugar bakery products like cakes, puddings, cookies and other such things, can lead to extra weight.
  4. Exercise: exercise is equally important for a vegetarian as for a non-vegetarian person. One can take up cardiovascular exercises, jogging, cycling, running or walking regularly to lose weight and maintain it at that point for a long time.
  5. Include fruits: there are certain vegetarians who do not like fruits. Such people end up eating high-calorie snacks. Therefore, the best way to lose weight is to replace the high-fat high-calorie snacks with fruits.
  6. Include complex carbohydrates: consuming complex carbohydrates such as whole grain cereal, whole-grain wheat, rice, oats, is far healthier than gorging on a cheese pizza. Therefore, include complex carbohydrates in your diet and lose weight effectively.
  7. Water: water is an essential part of any weight loss plan as it helps in the elimination of the toxins from the body. Eight to ten glasses a day of water, keep the body hydrated, the skin supple and the digestive system in good working order. Therefore, consume water instead of aerated drinks, sodas, fruit juices and other beverages loaded with sugar.

One must understand that being a vegetarian does not mean that you would stay slim. The trick is to choose a healthy diet plan and follow it religiously. Although the percentage of vegetarians being overweight is less than that of the non-vegetarians, yet giving up meat is not a guarantee of losing weight. You would have to put in similar efforts for losing weight, no matter what the diet.

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