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5 Tips on How to Avoid Late Night Snacks and Lose Weight

5 Tips on How to Avoid Late Night Snacks and Lose Weight


It is essential to avoid late night snacks otherwise it will be impossible for you to lose weight. You can find how you can do it in this article.


A recent study says that eating late at night can lead to weight gain. This is primarily because of the fact that the body’s metabolism slows down during the late hours. This also means that the body should be sleeping instead of eating at such time. So if you can only cross out night snacks from your diet, high are the chances that you will eventually lose weight like you hoped to.


Tips To Avoide Late Night Snacks


1. Pack up during the day.

This doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to over eat though. This tip only says that you should eat three square meals in a day just like your diet plan indicates. If you can, eat before seven in the evening. The ideal dinner time is still before six. But if you can’t do that for some reason, an hour extension is given to you.

how to avoid late night snacks

2. Drink instead of eating.

If in case you can’t help yourself from eating at night, go for water or unsweetened fruit juice instead. These would help take the hunger pangs away while you still keep to your eating schedule. One to two cups of water or herbal tea is also a good enough alternative to midnight snacks.

3. Brush your teeth.

This method may sound funny but it works. Try to brush your teeth and observe your attitude over food. You don’t feel like eating at all, right? The aftertaste of toothpaste leaves your mouth with lesser appetite for food. Now try brushing your teeth late at night, right at the time when you feel hungry. The effect is quite the same. With the fresh mint feeling in your mouth, your stomach would agree that it doesn’t feel like to eat after all.

4. Sleep early.

Sleeping late at night puts you in a situation where you will most probably crave for food. You can simply avoid this by sleeping deep during the hours when you are usually struck by hunger. Observe yourself. What time of the night do you usually feel hungry? Two hours after dinnertime or maybe three? Then try to be sound asleep before that hour and you should be good.

5. Occupy yourself with other things and keep junk foods and candies away.

For some reason, the body is built weak against any temptation. So don’t push your luck. Be sure that there are no snacks in your bedroom, refrigerator, or cupboard. Knowing that there are some in the fridge or seeing a whole cake sitting nicely at the kitchen counter is enough to remind yourself that you’re hungry and you’ll care for a slice or two. This is not going to help you in your diet plan at all.

Follow these tips and night snacking would slowly but surely be out of your system. Once your body got used to not having snacks during the night, it would no longer crave for it. Be sure that you strictly follow the no midnight night snacking rule at all times because one slip could put all your efforts to waste. Besides, it is also important to remember that the above is only one part of your dieting plan. You will need to have a complete idea for your diet so taht you can really lose weight!



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