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What are Diet Saboteurs and how to avoid them

Avoiding Diet Saboteurs


There can be a lot of Diet Saboteurs. It is important that you understand all these saboteurs. You should also try to learn how to avoid them!


Are you on a diet? Perhaps you have dealt with this situation:

The scene….a typical home-style family dinner in Anytown, U.S.A…..

Grandmother: Oh, it is so good to see you dear! You’re getting so skinny!

Dieter: Thank you, I’m on a diet.

Grandmother: You’re getting a little too skinny, try some of my homemade apple pie.

Dieter: Oh, I really shouldn’t have dessert. Thank you anyway.

Grandmother: But I made it especially for you. I know it is your favorite.

Mother: Yes, don’t be RUDE. Have a slice, Grandma made it just for you.

Dieter: Well, okay…I guess I’ll have a little slice.

Grandmother: (gives Dieter a heaping slice of apple pie) Here’s for my skinny girl. Don’t get too skinny!


Tips To Avoid Diet Saboteurs


Now some might laugh when they see that and think to themselves, “Oh, that’s just your typical Grandmother.” But it’s not. It is also your typical diet saboteur. The diet saboteur does not want you to stick to your diet, for whatever reason. Sometimes the diet saboteur could stand to lose a couple of pounds themselves, and watching you successfully lose weight makes them uncomfortable. They realize that they should be doing something about their weight problem.

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Other times it is all about control. The diet saboteur knows deep down inside that, their relationship with you will change if you succeed in your diet. They may not even realize that they are sabotaging your diet, but they are. This type of person is the sister who brings home yummy snacks and insists on eating them in your room. Or the husband who insists that you cook his favorite high-calorie meals, even when you on a diet can’t eat them yourself — and then you get tired and wind up eating some of these fattening foods.

It is less important that you understand why the diet saboteur is acting and focus on your own actions. The best way to handle the diet saboteur is to be polite but firm. You don’t want to engage in an argument about their actions — simply focus on refusing what they are trying to give you. If you don’t accept it, they can’t sabotage your diet. It is that simple.

Sometimes it is hard dealing with a diet saboteur because they are a close family member, a friend or a coworker. This is someone you care about and they care about you. For whatever reason, your diet has thrown them into a tailspin. Focus on your own reasons to succeed and stick to your diet!


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