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Choosing Easy Healthy Snacks and Treats

Choosing Easy Healthy Snacks and Treats


Eating healthy is very important when you are losing weight. To this end, you will need to take some easy healthy snacks. Make sure that you discover them before you are snacking.


When dieting it is critical that you select easy healthy snacks and treats. Some that start diets say, “Oh, I’ll just give up my snacks and treats.” But this is simply not practical. Many of us are used to having an evening snack while we watch television, or an afternoon snack with the kids when they come home from school. It is far easier to replace this snack with something healthy than it is to get rid of the snack entirely.

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The first step to choosing a healthy snack is deciding exactly what type of food or sensation you want from your snack. Some people like something creamy or something sweet. Other people want something salty or something spicy. Investigating exactly what you like about your current snack will help you come up with some excellent replacements. Replacing your snack with something that satiates you will also mean that you will be less likely to stray from this snack, and that you will stick to your weight loss plan.

There are many healthy foods out there that can give you the sensations or tastes that you are looking for. A lot of this can depend on personal taste. If you like creamy foods, a great choice for many is yogurt. This is a true slam-dunk type of food because it is also so good for you. You are often getting at least one dairy and calcium serving as you eat a container or serving of yogurt. Yogurt comes in many flavors; you can easily have it plain, vanilla or many different fruit flavors. Yogurt does well “dressed up” with some sliced fruit and a sprinkling of nuts. This is a very satisfying snack and a way to eat something that is also very healthy for you at the same time. Add a little honey to it too if you are having a real sweet tooth craving.

Another excellent choice for creamy cravings can be peanut or almond butter. Now these butters do have a high calorie count, so dieters need to eat them in small quantities. But eaten in small quantities they can be easy healthy snacks and quite good for you. They are very satisfying. A fun snack can be to put peanut or almond butter in celery sticks. This is a great portable snack that gives you a nice crunchy feeling to it along with the creamy sensation.

Some prepared easy healthy snacks exist that promise you lower calorie versions of your favorite snack foods. These can be a good choice occasionally, especially if you have a craving for that certain cookie or chip or treat that you enjoy. Keep in mind that many of these snacks do not offer you nutrients so there are minimal health benefits to eating them. Learning to eat snacks that are healthy for you is more beneficial overall. By investigating snacks and treats that are healthy — you can often find ones that will satisfy your cravings.

A great treat that satisfies a sweet craving is to make your own fruit juice ice pops. You can easily get ice pop molds from most large supermarkets. Fill them with an even mixture of fruit juice (like orange juice) and water. Making your own popsicles this way means they will have no sugar and you’ll know exactly how many calories are in them.

Fortunately, there are lots of yummy snacks and treats available to satisfy us. Sticking to your diet sometimes takes some work, but you can find a great snack or treat to help you get through that afternoon or evening easily!

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