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                                      What is Earwax?
Earwax is the process when the dust particle enters the ear canal and produce a waxy oil which is called as Cerumen, it’s like a gray, orange, or yellowish wax. So this is known as earwax. The melted softed yellow waxy substance in the outer ear. Earwax is formed from the wax gland in the external canal. A too small wax may be getting risk infection and harm the ear. Dry wax formed by 20% fat. Wax can trap lots of bacteria.


Causes of Earwax

Earwax can occur for multiple reasons. There may be naturally more perceptive to the condition than others, but the most frequent cause stems from the use of cotton gusset to clean the ear. People may not realize that by inserting an object directly into the ear canal, That time they are pushing wax ahead into the ear where it can firm, It increases the risk of forming a problematic obstruction.
precautions for Earwax

Risk of developing an earwax blockage:

       Narrow or partially clean ear canals
       Hard impacted wax, Ues cotton bud for cleaning of ear plugs, which stop wax from moving out naturally
       Repeated ear infections
       Osetomata – little growths in the ear canal
       Growth hair in the ear canals
       Natural ageing process
When people are feeling pain, spinning sensation and they are feeling persistently vomiting with a high fever, it is important to consult with doctor right away, as these could be signs of a serious ear infection or perforation.
It is advised for people or patients only clean the exterior part of ear with a damp cloth, and use ear drops or use a wax softening spray to cleanse inside your ear, if the doctor suggests that it’s necessary. Earwax blockages affect around 6% of the population.


Symptoms of earwax

          1. Uncertionly hearing loss, which may be temporary.
          2. Tinnitus:-which is a ringing or buzzing in the ear.
          3. May feel like vertigo
          4. Earache.
          5. Cold and fever,

Uses of Wax

Dust protected by wax and protect canal skin also from irritation due to water. You can clean yourself but the cleaning process should take attempt to dig out earwax buildup yourself with carefully, with the help of waxing tools if you do not perform carefully it may harm your ear and maybe loss hearing.

Softening Earwax

You can also use the following substances:
Mineral Oil: A distillation product of petroleum, especially one used as a lubricant, moisturizer, or laxative.
Hydrogen Peroxide: It has a chemical name but hydrogen peroxide is absolutely natural. Water reinforced with additional oxygen.       
Carbamide Peroxide: Carbamide Peroxide is an agent composed of urea and hydrogen peroxide. Its an earwax removal agent
Baby Oil: Baby oil is a form of mineral oil and mineral oil is a by-product of petroleum. It is an effective moisturizer and lubricants its make easy remove earwax.
Glycerine: Mostly ear dropper add glycerine in them as an active ingredient.
Coconut Oil: It’s a natural oil which is produced by coconut and it also used with warm water.

Earwax in children:

Children maybe survive due to hearing loss and blockage.  If you notice your child enter their finger and an other objects in their ear, you might want to ask their doctor to check their ears for wax build up.

Earwax in the older/adult:

Earwax also problematic in older and adult one. hearing loss an blockage it may be due to listening to the music with a high level of volume. It’s a common disease found in most people because of no prevention occurred for this earwax and no safety

Treatment of Earwax at Home:

Your doctor may not recommend that you try earwax removal method at home.
 Some tips for performing the earwax removal like this:-
1. A bulb-type syringe may be used by warm water. the water should be at body temperature it helps to prevent dizziness.
2. Using some traditional device to earwax remove.
Prevent Earwax:
1. Does not use cotton-tipped swabs or Q-tips and other objects who deeply push the earwax in ear canal.
2. Avoid the matchsticks to remove earwax.
3. Soap form keeps away from the ear canal at the time of bathing.
4. Do it clean by  yourself using ear wax vacuum kit which is found easily on market
5. Please keep your ear dry and help prevent infection

Medical treatment of Earwax

 1. The doctor may remove your earwax by the using an small plastic spoon(Curette)..
 2. The Doctor maybe uses different chemical liquid.or different gadget who belong to audiologist.
3. Waterjet device such as used for dental care but  it can be used for earwax removal.
4. “Candling” is an alternative method to remove wax.

Here are some points, people did not know about earwax:

1. Earwax Protects

Similar to eyelashes, Earwax  protection devices are available on the market that is often under-appreciated.
The purpose of earwax protector, It  is to protect your ear canal and eardrum from foreign materials.

2. WAX earwax is not actually Wax

Earwax scientific name  is cerumen. Cerumen is a combination of skin cells that have fallen off from inside of the ear, bits of hair and secretions from the ceruminous glands in the outer ear canal.

3. There are two types of Earwax based on Genetics

Two different types of earwax: (1) wet and (2)dry.
Dry earwax is like powdery and lighter in color from tan to light grey.
Wet earwax is sticky and yellow in brown color and can even have an odor.

4. Earwax Lubricates

Earwax Lubricates is like tears, it is beneficial for ear canal. Without adequate amounts of earwax, Ears would be dry and itchy.

5. Earwax Self-Cleans

Earwax generally cleans by itself. When you chew or move your jaw, it help to keep earwax beat slowly from the eardrum.

6. Cotton Swabs are Harmful

Do not use a cotton to clean out ears most. Because ears have the ability to self-clean, you should never try to stick anything into them. When  every time you put something inside of your ear, their it scratch an itch or attempt to remove earwax, that time you actually risk pushing the wax further into your ear.

7. Earwax affects your hearing

Blocked earwax is the most common cause of hearing loss. It may be happen when wax is pushed back the eardrum. And stress can improve earwax production. Because stress make sweat more or smell more and fear also can increase earwax production.

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