Liposuction is a treatment procedure that will help you in sculpting your body and remove the unwanted fat from specific body areas like chin, hips, abdomen, thighs, knees, hips, cheeks, neck etc. across the globe, this treatment has served many people in past decades positively.


Let me tell you, when you are considering liposuction treatment the most important factor is the cost of liposuction treatment. However, at the same time the quality of the treatment is also very important than cost. If you want your treatment to be successful then, you should first be aware about the surgeons expertise and experience, finding this is more important than finding cheapest liposuction treatment. I am not saying that the cost is not an important factor while you consider liposuction treatment but it is not the most important factor also. Don’t put your body on risk for “Discount.”


The lower liposuction price might be Expensive

Picking up a liposuction surgeon who provides the treatment at the very cheap cost may eventually be the costliest decision, if the cosmetic surgery initially doesn’t work then you have to prepare yourself for some more treatments and pay more to take the corrective steps. Let me tell you about some of the most common outcomes of liposuction:

  1. Liposuction treatment producing an unnatural appearance
  2. Liposuction treatment is not that evident at times
  3. Uneven fat deposits after the treatment
  4. Large mark will reveal that one has undergone the liposuction treatment


Below is the table that will help you in estimating liposuction treatment cost:

The cost of liposuction treatment is the total of the non-surgical fee or the surgical fee. The surgical fee includes the cost of the surgery of every area from which fat is to be removed. For example, the total cost of liposuction surgical treatment of inner thighs, hips and hips might add up to the surgical fees for inner thighs ($2000), and hips ($2000), and hips ($2500) and other fee ($1500) which sums up to $10,000.  Other fee includes the cost of the operating room, nursing staff, laboratory tests, special garment cost etc.

Below table will give you a rough estimate of the liposuction treatment cost in India:


Sr. No Cities in India for liposuction treatment Amount (in $)
1 Liposuction treatment in Delhi $2800
2 Liposuction treatment in Mumbai $2800
3 Liposuction treatment in Bangalore $2500
4 Liposuction treatment in Hyderabad $2200
5 Liposuction treatment in Chennai $2500
6 Liposuction treatment in Ahmedabad $2300
7 Liposuction treatment in Pune $2000


Following are the list of body parts that are treated under liposuction treatment and it is presented along with the cost in low-end clinic as well as in high-end clinic:


Abdomen (upper) 1500 3000
Abdomen (lower) 1250 2500
Arms 900 2000
Back (female) 800 2000
Back (male) 1300 3000
Breast (female) 1400 3000
Breast (male) 1500 3000
Hips 1500 4000
Chin, cheeks, jowls, neck 1000 2500
Flanks (male) 1100 2500
Inner (Thighs and Knees) 1200 3300
Hips / Waist 1300 2500
Outer Thighs 1300 2500



Following are the list of factors that determine cost of liposuction:

  1. Patient’s size
  2. Number of sitting required to complete the liposuction treatment
  3. Cost of anesthesia
  4. Operation room charges
  5. Other expenses like post operation garment cost, etc



The time and effort required of a surgeon is the most important factor in determining the liposuction cost. Following are the list of factors that generally takes surgeon’s time and effort:

  1. Patient’s size
  2. Number of areas that are supposed to be treated
  3. How difficult it will be to remove the fat from a particular patient’ s body

Therefore, the liposuction cost of hips alone will be less than the cost of doing liposuction on both hips and inner thighs. Similarly, the cost of liposuction on abdomen for a patient weighing 90Kgs ($1100) might be more than the cost of liposuction of abdomen for a patient weighing ($750). Liposuction treatment gets difficult on patient who have previously gained a lot of weight and then have lost a significant amount of weight. Liposuction is also difficult, if a patient has undergone liposuction treatment previously and wants to treat the same area again.



Following are the other variables that will affect the cost of liposuction treatment:

  1. Surgeon’s experience
  2. Surgeon’s geographical location
  3. The experience of the surgeon

However, there will be some doctors who are not at all busy may offer you discounts and may even attract patients by giving free consultation. At times, surgeons have patients who are not happy with their services might also treat patients at lower cost to attract the patients.

Surgeons who are not busy may offer discounts, or entice prospective patients by offering free consultation. Surgeon’s who have had unhappy patients and who do not have a good reputation might also lower liposuction prices in order to attract new patients. In geographic areas where rents and labor costs are high, one can expect higher prices for liposuction.



Few surgeons will bid one cost of liposuction treatment that will basically include costs like

  1. Surgical expenses (the approximate cost)
  2. Non-surgical fee
  3. Anesthesia fee (if general anesthesia is used)


Generally, the surgeon uses global liposuction cost when he is going to undertake the liposuction treatment in his/her surgical center. And when you call the surgeon’s clinic to get an estimate of the liposuction treatment, the receptionist will quote you only about the surgical fee and does not mention other costs like anesthesia fee, operating fee, consultation fee etc.



Few surgeons always prefer to give full costing about the liposuction treatment to their patient in a form of itemized list of all the costs. The itemized list will include all the separates costs like anesthesia fees, operating room fee, pre-operative testing fee, drug fee and by default the liposuction surgery cost.



It is very difficult to provide an accurate cost of the liposuction on the phone unless the surgeon has got a chance to examine the body. The surgeon is expected to give a range of cost or at least the fees that is going to be charged by him for a specific body area. Like, for example, If Dr. Watson always quotes a comprehensive value of the treatment so at that point, the receptionists should be in a state to convey a message to someone who is enquiring on a phone call “for thigh liposuction, the starting cost will be $1200 and it might increase to $3300, depending upon the fat deposits in that area.



Beware of the surgeon who is not transparent in giving the total fixed cost of the surgery. Do take a written estimate of the total liposuction cost.



Loan and financing for such type of cosmetic surgery is possible. At times, one can also pay for the liposuction treatment through their credit card.



There are many cost that could be included while the clinic will be billing your liposuction treatment. That’s why it is very important to have a clear idea about the approximate cost of your cosmetic surgery treatment.  You also have a lot of option to pay for your treatment so make a best use of it and get the desired body shape and look good and feel good of your own self.

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